Student concerts

School of Guitar holds a student concert that takes place twice a year. It does not only enable students to present their skills acquired during the course but also create the opportunity to perform in front of a big audience

Course Units

  • Classical guitar

    • Classical music
    • Popular music
    • Accompaniament

  • Flamenco guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • Acoustic guitar

Who can participate?

The courses are aimed at people that would like to learn or develop their guitar skills. The course can follow material required for passing grades one through eight of The Royal School of Music in London.


Tutors are experienced musicians with Master of Arts degree or the Certificate of The Royal School of Music, London (8th grade - the highest level). All the lessons are directed by Przemysław Haluszczak one of the leading guitar players in Poland.

How do we teach?

The School of Guitar provides individual guitar lessons in trimester cycles. One trimester lasts 10 weeks and consists of 10 lessons; every lesson is forty-five minutes long. Every trimester consists of the following elements:

I Trimester:

  • Ability how to read notes
  • Acquisition of basic guitar techniques
  • Minimum three easy pieces for guitar to play
  • The basics of accompaniment

II Trimester:

  • Harder guitar techniques (arpeggio, legato)
  • Minimum four little forms (for example: 2 etudes, sonatina, prelude)

III Trimester:

  • Further development of the technique (tremolo, apoyando)
  • Minimum four forms (for example: 2 etudes, sonata, prelude)
After the third trimester, the student is ready to develop further skills in any chosen Course of Advancement Guitar Playing and apply for the first grade of the certificate of The Royal School of Music in London.

Where do we teach?

At the moment the School of Guitar owns two centers in Poznań:

  • ul. Ziemowita 41 (Poznań - Antoninek)
  • ul. gen. St. Maczka 28

  • Phone number (+48) 607 323 434
Details could be found here

How much do the lessons cost?

Every trimester costs: 420 PLN
All materials are included; however, it is vital that students have their own guitar.